May 31, 2020

Happy Sunday Quilters : )

This week we are going to live vicariously through the guild websites across the country!

It is a lot like taking a vacation at home : )  

Note: I could not obtain links to webpages for all provinces and territories (and since I am not a facebook user those were not available to me)

Take some time to breathe and just get inspired by what other Canadian Quilters are doing.

Let's start in the Western most province of British Columbia

Here is the guild website from Cranbrook B.C. thriving metropolis of 20,000.  Here are their quilt show winners.

Now moving to Alberta, our tour takes us to Grande Prairie Alberta.  Where we have their show and tell since June 2017

Saskatchewan bring us to Regina

Manitoba brings us to Beausejour (46 km North East of Winnipeg) Population 3126

Ontario brings us to home : ) Where the heart is... Let's take a peak at what Halliburton is up too...

Quebec brings us to Montreal and their Modern Quilt Guild

From the East Coast we have Woodstock New Brunswick (and their show and share dates back to 2010)

And up North to the North West Territories - Yellow Knife

I spent an entire evening "oohing and awing" over quilts as I put this virtual tour together for you.

Stay Safe!

Keep Calm and Stitch on!

Yours in Stitches, Jacqueline


May 24, 2020

As an executive we talked about ways to be helpful to each other.  Next week we have a light and airy edition to mark the beginning of June.  If you have any links to virtual tours of quilt rooms etc we would love you to submit them to Jacqueline H. (use the membership listing to find her email), or if you cannot find it, then via the following button, and pleas use subject "please forward to Jacqueline H."

We will check out the links and make a nice viewing for your June pleasure.

This week we are going to focus on "Finding Your Happy Place" (when you are not in your quilting room), and ways to maintain your most positive outlook.

Hope you all had a restful and relaxing weekend!    Please find three short links to supporting your emotional self...

1)The mental impact of COVID-19 and how to cope

The first short video (8 min goes over 6 small things you can do at home to ensure you keep in the best frame of mind possible)

2) Gabby Bernstein's mantra for tough times is a quick and very easy way to get yourself re-grounded if you feel stress.

3) 4 ways to Cultivate Mindfulness is a quick gentle video that is also a wonderful way to cope with our changing times.

Note: I personally took notes on all three videos (but there is no test).  They are shared just as a gentle way to let you know that your guild executive truly values each and everyone of you, and is looking out for your best interests.

Sources:  It takes a village to raise a quilter : ) Thanks so much to the Port Perry High School Guidance Department for sharing these three great and useful links!

Stay Safe!

Keep Calm and Stitch on!

Yours in Stitches, Jacqueline


May 18, 2020


Oh the math!

Do the math!

YEP! We all need a few good stats in our lives.

This last week our Guild meeting poll, 66% of you indicated that the "Keep Calm and Stitch On" section of the website has actually helped you navigate these difficult times.

Well... I heard a different statistic this week that held some meaning to me with regards to the C-19 times we are in.

The statistic goes like this "5 out of 6 people under the age of 18 have never put a stamp on an envelope" I personally thought perhaps they had never used a rotary phone. But it is stamps... I guess with e-mail, texting, face book and twitter there is no need to affix a stamp to a letter.

So... my challenge to you is to connect with someone this week.

Connect with someone who might need a smile, or piece of good cheer.

I personally am going to a fix a stamp on a letter to a friend who only lives 1 hour from me.

Take up the challenge and again "do for others when you feel blue", lend a helping hand.Until next week.

Until next week.

Yours in Stitches, Jacqueline


2020 May 10

COOKIE! Did you say Cookie? I might need a cup of tea : )

NO!... You are one TOUGH COOKIE!

This weekly tidbit is just to remind you that you are tougher then you think!

You are one tough cookie!I

If some days you are feeling blue, and weepy due to the world crisis with c-19... that is OK.

But remember.... you are tougher then you think!

Think of your RESILIENCY... years of stitch ripping

Think of your PRECISION ... years of perfecting the perfect pointed star

Think of your REALISTIC nature... you always know when it is time to turn to a different project when one is just not quite turning out.

Think of your PRODUCTIVITY... who else would spend an entire weekend at a quilting retreat with pots of tea and your sewing machine?

Think about you FACING YOUR FEARS... one day Kate will truly embrace paper piecing : )

And lastly you face the fears that hold you back.

Be it C-19, your quilting stash (that needs downsizing), your quilting room, or just your day to day self isolation.

You are tougher and stronger then you think!

Stay Safe!

Keep Calm and Stitch On!

Yours in Stitches, Jacqueline


2020 May 03


This section of the website was built with purpose.  We continue to keep each week's topics in the stack, so that you can go back and review the tips and thoughts for happiness. We have come along way from Stress, to KISS, to being helpful to others, and now that we are weeks and weeks into isolation and social distancing you might be feeling down.

When feeling down have you thought about?

Having a cup of tea? Reading a book? talking a nap? Cleaning your sewing room? Cleaning your sewing machine? Calling a friend? Making a batch of cookies and doing a drive by to a shut in friend?

When we live our life with purpose, feeling down is just a state of mind... and that can be worked on : )

A few coping thoughts I stumbled upon this week include 

"Everything will get better, sooner or later"

"If I stay strong I know I will get through it"

And if you live your life with purpose (being there for family, friends, and your community) you will get through this : )

Keep Calm and Stitch On!

Yours in Stitches, Jacqueline


2020 April 26

Canada is a great country to live in!

We are free!

We are positive!

We listen! We learn!

In these challenging times it is great to take our minds off of world events for a moment... and just breath... breath and think about not what you can do for yourself... but what you can do for others less fortunate.

If you are anything like me... you might make a mistake or TWO while sewing quilts in these trying times.

I found this quote that helped me put things in perspective.

"It's not how we make mistakes, but how we correct them that defines us" by Rachel Wolchin of The Goodvibe Company.

So... when I find a pattern challenging... I just take a break... breathe... and then work on a charity quilt.  Either the binding for our outreach children's blankets or a cancer quilt.

Forward is forward. One stitch at a time...

And in closing... if you are cleaning out closets, and jewelry boxes you might come across some costume jewellery that you want to re-purpose.  Have you watched our very own Steven Bland as he puts all of that costume jewelry to good use? His Youtube video on how to turn it into the cover for a journal is just fabulous!! I am considering making one for a friend and another one for my daughter!!

Woo wee! Look at us being productive!

Until next week,

Keep your scraps traveling Kate H's way, and keep your stitches straight (unless of course you are machine quilting)...

Yours in Stitches, Jacqueline


2020 April 19

KISS - Keep it simple STITCHERS!!

We have now embarked on just over 1 month of social distancing.  In the beginning our minds were not "cluttered" with stress.  This is no longer the case.  Whether you are a front line worker, or a stay in person (one of our most vulnerable to C-19)  just waiting for groceries to be delivered, or someone in between, the stress may be mounting in your life.  if you are anything like me... my stitches reflect this stress...

I just spent the afternoon re-writing a pattern (because I cut a block wrong) to then fix the boo boo (pattern design alternation) to do yet another cut incorrectly.  Needless to say I am now going to go to the top 5 list (previously posted, see below) and reduce my stress.

I may even hit #1 first and do a fabric drop to Kate's front door!  Of course I would use the guild directory and call her first : )  

If you are in the same boat try and de-stress.

KISS - keep it simple means not working on the hardest UFO you own... but doing stitching for sheer pleasure.

I may even view a "Steven Bland program" off of YouTube.  He is funny, witty, and one of our own : )

         (added by webmaster:  for convenience, here is a link to Steven's YouTube videos:

Yours in Stitches, Jacqueline


2020 April 05

Happy Day Quilters...

This section of our website will be dedicated to ways to help relieve your stress in these uncertain times.  Please feel free to send me links and such that you feel would benefit our members.  I will try and add them into the theme of the week they fit in : )

This weeks theme:

TOP 5 ways to relieve stress:

  • #5  Start each day with purpose.  Perhaps that means something like; make the bed, get dressed, clean the kitchen, make a list.
  • #4  Make a small goal for the day (one small attainable goal). Perhaps something like; quilt one block, clean the kitchen, walk around the block (2 meters away from anyone else on the street)
  • #3 Consider a yoga or meditation practice. Here is one I have tried with success : )
  • #2 Try a new type of exercise.  I always think I am going to try pilates but then refer to my go to man Richard Simmons.  Some of his workout videos can be found on Youtube : ) NOTE: if a new exercise is just not a way for you to reduce stress... then perhaps you could pick up the phone and call a friend : )
  • #1  Clean out your stash and arrange a drop off to Kate's house.  She will be happy to keep the parts and pieces safe for the fabric basket and other outreach projects.

Again, Keep Calm and Stitch on!

Disclaimer: in these uncertain times the Quilt Guild Executive thought it would be good if we could reach out to each other and provide support.  The views expressed here are not meant to make light or fun of the times we currently find ourselves in. 

Yours in Stitches, Jacqueline H.