UFO Challenge - 2020

Month of Draw
Project # Drawn
For the Completion Date of
December 2019
February 2020
February 2020
April 2020
April 2020
June 2020
June 2020
September 2020
September 2020
November 2020

If you're an avid quilter, you probably have a stack of unfinished objects, also known as UFOs. Whether you ran out of time, didn't have the right materials, or just got sick of the quilt, unfinished projects pile up easily -- and take up a lot of space! Make a resolution this year to clean out your UFOs. Here is information for those quilters who have joined our UFO Challenge Group.  Let’s get these UFO's done.

The challenge starts in January 2020 and will run for one year.  Participants pick 5 of their UFO projects and number them as 1-5.  Numbers are then drawn at random to determine which order the projects are worked on.  The next number to work on is drawn at a guild meeting, and participants have 2 months to work on the item. 

  • The 1st item will be drawn at the December meeting for showing in February
  • The 2nd item will be drawn in Feb to be completed by April 
  • The 3rd item will be drawn in April to be completed by June
  • The 4th item will be draw in June to be completed by September
  • And the final 5th item will be drawn in Sept to be completed in November

December will be the final showing of any items that did not get completed throughout the year and the final draw for prizes.