In the current climate of COVID–19 and the restrictions in place to combat the pandemic, it has been increasing difficult to gather and socialize with our families, friends and fellow quilters.  To this end, the DTQG executive is exploring the idea of initiating a winter phone call system that would have one member calling another member to assist with the social isolation and/or loneliness that some of us may be experiencing. This would be classified as a social call with your consent.

The survey below has been created to obtain your response and consent to this initiative.  The survey is designed to tell us if you would like to receive a phone call and/or would like to help with making the calls.

If the survey results show that members would like to take part in this initiative a process will be put in place and the calls could start in mid-January 2021.

We ask that guild members complete the survey by December 31st.  Members will be contacted once the phone call system is in place.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact the Past President, using the email form in the "Contact Us" page (be sure to check off "Past President" on the form, to ensure she gets your communication).

Un-Isolation Phone Calls